Seiko Paper

This page documents the trimming process of the Seiko Dpu-414 Dpu-s445 thermally sensitive paper for use in the HP-85. Thermal Paper at Amazon The paper is 4.4” (112 mm) wide, and needs to be trimmed to 4.22” to 4.23” wide. (107 mm)


To protect the roll of paper from the lathe chuck jaws, I wrapped it in a thin cardboard tube, from a toilet paper roll.


The roll of paper is then mounted in the lathe, and the cardboard tube shows where the cut needs to occur. The cut is done with a hand held Swann Morton Scalpel Handle number 3 and Swann Morton Number 11 Scalpel Blades. The scalpel must be held so that spinning roll of paper can’t push it toward you. I had the sharp edge facing up, and the blade was applied to the under side of the roll.


Here is a view during the cutting process


Once the paper is cut to length, I used a normal lathe parting off tool to trim the central core to correct length


And finally, here is a test print of the result.