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Standard File Set for the SD card


A LIF disk image is a file on the MicroSD Card, typically in the /disks directory, and with a file extension of .dsk
It represents either a floppy disk (size is 264 kB) or a 5 MB Winchester disk (size is 4743 kB). When you read or write to disks that are emulated by EBTKS, these are the files that represent those disks. Internally, these files have a directory and the files you see with a CAT command. For example, if the CONFIG.TXT file contains the following section:

  "Comment": "msus$ 300",
  "unit": 0,
  "filepath": "/disks/EBTKS_1.0_85.dsk",
  "writeProtect": false,
  "enable": true

EBTKS_1.0_85.dsk is the LIF disk image that is seen as :D300 , which is the default mass storage device with EBTKS. When you type CAT, you are getting the catalog (directory listing) from inside this file. When you load a program from this “disk”, you are actually reading the program from somewhere within this file, as indicated by the internal directory information. Similarly, if you are saving a program or writing data to :D300 (the default mass storage device) you are actually modifying this file.


If you have been developing program and/or writing data to LIF disk images on your MicroSD Card, these should be saved before overwriting with these downloaded MicroSD Card file sets. See above definition.

There are 2 MicroSD Card file sets available for download. The contents are close to identical, with the following differences:

  • The CONFIG.TXT file in the root directory is copied from a different file, that is also in the root directory

    • For HP85A, it is a copy of CONFIG.TXT_for_HP85A_Tape_Drive_disabled

    • For HP87, it is a copy of CONFIG.TXT_for_HP87-32KB

  • The pre-configured LIF disk images for :D301 and :D320 are different.

    • For HP85A

      • :D301 is associated with /disks/85Games1.dsk

      • :D320 is associated with /disks/85Games2.dsk

  • For HP87

    • :D301 is associated with /disks/Action_Games_87.dsk

    • :D320 is associated with /disks/Galaxy_Patrol_87.dsk

Please don’t just download and start editing the CONFIG.TXT file. Spend a little time reading the documentation, and save a whole lot of frustration Working with CONFIG.TXT

The downloaded file should be un-zipped into a temporary directory. The CONFIG.TXT file should be inspected to make sure that it matches your Series80 computer, and your desired ROMs and LIF disk images that are configured in the “hpib” section are what you want.

After making changes to the CONFIG.TXT file, the complete set of files should be copied to a blank MicroSD Card.

If you saved a LIF disk image that has content you created (see above Definition and Warning), then you should copy these back to the MicroSD Card.

MicroSD Card file set as a ZIP for HP85A like computers

This SD Card File Set is intended to work with the following Series80 Computers



Release 1.0.1 , July 29th 2021

MicroSD Card file set as a ZIP for HP86/87 like computers

This SD Card File Set is intended to work with the following Series80 Computers



Release 1.0.1 , July 29th 2021

Firmware for Teensy 4.1

Release 1.0.0 , July 12th 2021


This firmware is intended to work with all Series80 Computers

After downloading the EBTKS Firmware, proceed to Updating the EBTKS Firmware


If you are downloading one of the SD Card images (at the top of this page), it already has all of the following example CONFIG.TXT files in the root directory.

The following downloads are if you have messed things up and you need a clean copy to get something that works.

All of these are from the initial production release of 7/17/2021







After downloading one of these CONFIG files, rename it to CONFIG.TXT . Depending on your system configuration, make any necessary edits to match your requirements, then copy it to the root directory of the SD Card. Detailed instruction for editing CONFIG.TXT can be found here Working with CONFIG.TXT

EBTKS Quick Reference Guide (QRG)

Martin Hepperle has created a compact guide to all the new keywords that are implemented by the AUXROMS on EBTKS.

Download the QRG

SanDisk Brand SD Card Datasheet

SDCard Datasheet